A mobile spa massage therapist, refers to the practice with which a massage therapist will travel to their clients, instead of their clients coming to them. This also applies to massage therapy, in which a masseuse that works for a hotel or resort, provides in house therapy services. One important key to being a mobile massage therapist, is to have all the right equipment in mobile form. This can range from tables which can be folded up and transported easily. It is also important that a therapist travels with a kit of products which they will need to use during the session, such as towels, sheets, oils and creams, and any other products which maybe used in a session.

Another item is a massage chair. This chair will sometimes be used in place of a table, for clients that prefer for reasons of their own, not to lie down for their massage therapy session. This chair permits a person who is receiving the massage, to lean forward and place their face within a doughnut, similar to one which is found on the end of the massage table, this will allow the therapist to work on the back and shoulder muscles of their client. The chair can be folded up and brought as part of their massage therapy.

One of the main reasons for using a mobile massage therapist, is some people prefer to experience their therapy session within the comfort of their homes, or they are suffering with some type of mobility issues, that makes it hard for them to get to a spa. Plus, some choose this type of therapy as a form relaxation. For instance, a group of friends having a day off of together, could hire a mobile massage therapist to visit their homes, and provide each person with a chair or table massage.

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