Preparing for Your First Session with a Massage Therapist


Are you thinking about booking your first massage? Or you already made your appointment and now you are looking for some additional information? Here is what you should know before your first appointment with a massage therapist!


At home or at the spa

Today there are various massage therapies you can book, as well as the places, where you can get your massage done. You will find, that there are massage therapists, who offer services at a studio, as well as in your home. Here is how you can choose which one will work better for your personal situation:

  • If you are short on free time and you do not want to spend your time in traffic, booking a mobile spa treatment can be a good option for you;
  • If you prefer the atmosphere in a massage studio or your home is too busy and you need a little getaway, going to a studio can be your preferred option;
  • If your home is the place, where you can relax and unwind completely, scheduling a mobile service will work wonders for you.


Before and after the massage

There are certain things you can do before and after your massage to make the experience much more relaxing and comfortable for yourself. Starting with food and drinks, you should always have a light snack before and after your massage therapies. Eating too much or not eating at all before your procedure can make you feel uncomfortable or nauseous during your massage. Have something light and nutritious before and keep it light after the procedure too, as your body will need to relax and focus on healing, instead of processing a heavy dinner. Each massage therapy releases toxins from your body and into your bloodstream, so drinking lots of water and fresh juices after it is a must to help your metabolism flush them out of your system. This way you will get the most out of your therapy.


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