What Is Vibrational Spa Massage Therapy?

VHMT which is short for vibrational healing spa massage therapy includes numerous different kinds of methods which use vibration to relieve stress, heal and increase a sense of wellness in a person. Basically, this therapy uses the belief that everything uses vibrations, especially a person’s body. However, different therapies will approach vibration therapy differently.

There are to date 3 kinds of therapy which use vibration. Vibrational healing therapy, Samvahan, and musical vibration are all part of the VHMT family. There are in fact quite a few more, however, they all stem from these three techniques.

Samvahan has its roots from the likes of acupuncture which will address issues via the different points found on the body. Samvahan however, will focus mainly on a person’s spine. The philosophy behind this is it is the spine which has all the biggest imbalances. Therapies which are very similar in this philosophy can include therapies which use crystals, or that focus more on a person’s chakras and Chinese medicine.

Then there is musical vibration therapy, this uses pulsations of music that is played to help in the therapy of a patient. This kind of therapy can include the likes of a tuning fork, drum vibration, and others. By using certain frequencies close to a person’s body, the therapist is said to tune the cells of a person’s body to different frequencies in order to stimulate and heal.

Lastly, vibrational healing spa massage therapy uses the idea that using vibrations we can find a better balance in our bodies. Each person’s body has a flow that can be obtained via healing massage. This flow is known as a Fluid Body model. It is a way of walking, moving, and so on and so forth, which allows a person to live from one moment to the next having a better awareness of the world that is around them. This type of therapy is sometimes used in conjunction with various other therapies like Swedish massage. 

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