What a Massage Therapist Can Do for You


A massage therapist can work in a clinic, hospital, or spa. They can also offer mobile massage therapy, which means they will go to your house to perform the service. They are licensed to provide their services, but they are not medical doctors, and they do not diagnose joint or muscular problems. Below are some of the most common therapies they can offer their patients:


Swedish massage – This is a massage that is done to promote relaxation. Using long gliding strokes up and down the length of the muscle fiber, the massage therapist is able to release the tension and make the muscle relax.


Hot stone massage – This is a full-body massage that uses warm stones to help promote muscle relaxation.  The warmth of the stone is soothing, and it eases the contraction of the muscles of the body.


Back massage – This therapy can be done while the patient is sitting down. It doesn’t require any removal of clothing. This therapy is concentrated on easing the tension of the back, especially at the nape and shoulder area. Tightness in this area of the body can lead to tension headaches, which are common in stressed and overworked individuals.


Deep tissue massage – This is a version of the Swedish massage that uses deeper pressure. The intense pressure is done to reach the deepest layers of the connective tissue and muscles. The movements of the massage will help break scar tissue and release the lactic acid and other toxins in the muscles that cause pain.


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